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Dave Lavinsky

Dave Lavinsky

Dave Lavinsky

Dave is the president of Record Label Mavericks. He is also the co-founder of Growthink, a consulting and publishing company with a track record of empowering over 1 million entrepreneurs and business owners. Dave has the expertise to help you start, grow, and sell your company.


Business Plans, Business Consulting, Capital Raising, New Venture Development, Investment Banking, Business Metrics, Sales & Marketing.

Years of Experience:

Dave has over 25 years experience starting and growing companies.


  • BS, Commerce from the University of Virginia
  • MBA from the Anderson School of Management at UCLA

Books Published:


Dave Lavinsky, a seasoned entrepreneur who has achieved an impressive array of accomplishments across various domains, establishing his prominence in the business world.

Dave’s dedication to education and knowledge-sharing shines through his guest lectures at prestigious universities. His meticulous crafting of over 500 business plans over the years has significantly contributed to the triumphs of both aspiring entrepreneurs and established companies. To amplify the reach of his wisdom, Dave has penned multiple articles centered around entrepreneurship, consulting, and capital acquisition.

Among Dave’s remarkable feats stands his critically acclaimed book, “Start At The End.” This guide has completely transformed the approach to swift business expansion, granting companies the ability to reshape their strategies and attain unparalleled triumph. Published by Wiley, it rapidly ascended to best-seller status.

However, Dave’s accomplishments don’t stop there – he boasts an exceptional track record as a serial entrepreneur. He has founded and lucratively sold numerous ventures, including Emerge Juice and Nutrition Systems, a top-tier creator and distributor of wellness products. Another brainchild of his is Shoutmouth, a vibrant social networking platform tailored to the music sector. In the past, Dave took pride in owning Z Reporter LLC, which held an extensive portfolio of over 3,000 specialized informational websites. Furthermore, he initiated TopPayingKeywords, a distinguished research data firm specializing in Search Engine Marketing & Optimization.

Dave’s extensive experience and entrepreneurial acumen have rightfully established him as an authoritative figure in the field. Up-and-coming entrepreneurs regard him as a source of inspiration and guidance, valuing his knowledge and insights as invaluable assets on their journey toward success.